The Talent of Many

by Jaimie Franz

Our very own Bellbook 2016 Spring Talent Show was a hit! Performances ranged from the opening band to a magician, and even our very own Indoor Percussion Ensemble, which was my personal favorite. All the money that was raised from the Talent Show by the buying of tickets through Key Club was donated to Migrant Offshore Aid Station, a charity that professionally looks for people who are lost at sea or in distress at sea and who are in need of rescuing. It was estimated that we raised about $1,700 to help save the lives and support international police, medical professional and humanitarian efforts.

Not only did our school provide backing to an honorable organization but also entertainment. Several students said they fully enjoyed the talent show. Students enjoyed the creativity put into seeing their many peers’ various talents. Let’s not forget the adorable, surprising Prom proposal to Hana Midtlien from Evan Hyman in the end of “Little Joe’s Coordinated Swim Routine.”

Overall Bellbrook really outdid themselves, thanks to help of the Key Club, many teachers and volunteers. I am personally impressed by the courage every single student posted who performed, courage that I do not have myself. I am very glad that I went to the talent show, not only for enjoyment but to do something good as a community of students.  Hats off to all of our lovely performers.


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