Salvaging Your Grade at the End of the Quarter

by Sarah Rovinsky

Becoming a senior entails that you’ve learned more than a few things outside of the classroom that help when within it. For example, how to salvage your grade(s) at the end of a quarter before report cards are final, and sent to parents. As a senior I’m obligated to share this invaluable information for the benefit of my peers:

  • Actually turn in your homework:

This is a no brainer for some people, and others not so much. You will want to apply this to future assignments as well as the ones that have already passed. Teachers don’t like to, nor do they typically, accept late assignments, but asking never hurts.

  • Retakes:

There’s a pretty high chance that if you’re looking to your school’s newspaper to save your grades, you’ve had a couple tests that didn’t go in your favor. If possible, retake as many tests as you can. It may be difficult to keep up with daily classes and obligations while reviewing material from another week but the extra effort will only be beneficial.

  • Extra credit:

Not many classes offer extra credit, but when it is offered, jump on the opportunity. These wonderful points cushion a free-falling grade. Now that it’s the end of the quarter, many of these opportunities have, sadly, passed us. However, that does NOT mean that we cannot…

  • Beg, pray, and or cry.

Let’s face it: you need all the help you can get. Crying while begging is slightly pathetic but gets results. Do whatever other spiritual/ religious rituals deemed as necessary and legal and not too manipulative.

  • Do better next time:

Hopefully it’s not too late to fix your grade this quarter to something slightly less awful. If not, the most that can be done is to make a better attempt on upcoming grades for the next quarter. Study harder, apply yourself, be productive, anything and everything that can be done adds up in the long run. Create or join existing study groups if needed.

Whether or not you choose to follow every step, or just a few of them, be sure to talk to your teachers about your grades. They will tell you what you can and can’t do at the moment. Remember: teachers are also on your side and want to work with and help you. It’s up to you to get that help and put in the effort.


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