Current Political Landscape Grim for Trump ahead of Election Day

by Joey Derrico

With days left till the general election on November 8, both candidates are fervently campaigning through crucial swing states. The current political landscape appears ominous for the controversial GOP nominee Donald Trump. Trump is trailing Democratic nominee Clinton 272 to 179 in the most recent version of the CNN “Road to 270” map with 87 electoral college points up for grabs in the swing states.

The reason the political landscape looks grim for Trump lies in the numbers themselves. If the electoral college points presented by CNN are accurate then Trump must win all battleground states as well as steal a “lean Democrat” state from Hillary Clinton. Adding to Trump’s woes are the strange revelations currently unraveling in Utah. Third party candidate Evan McMullin, a Utah native and ex-CIA officer, is presently within the margin of error of Donald Trump. Utah has gone Republican the last fifty years but nothing can be taken for granted during this unpredictable election cycle.

Hillary Clinton’s path, on the other hand, looks substantially more plausible than Mr. Trump’s. Mrs. Clinton can afford to lose multiple swing states and multiple political pundits believe if she wins just one battleground state, the race would be essentially over for Trump. Plus, experts predict one of, if not the highest, voter turnouts in modern political history, a positive prospect for Democrats. Mr. Trump has recently been commenting about a “rigged” election system and has even threatened to bring the results of the election to court if he is not the victor.


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