WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

by Joey Derrico The special election in Montana to replace the congressional seat of newly appointed Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke turned out to be much closer than expected. Montana was a state President Trump won by 20 percentage points and, furthermore, no Democrat had held the at-large congressional seat in two decades. The Republican candidate was Greg Gianforte, a billionaire who made his earnings … Continue reading WWE Wrestle Mania… in Politics?

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Announces Bid for Governor

by Joey Derrico Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley announced on Monday, May 8, that she will run for the Democratic party nomination for governor in 2018. Whaley, a forty-one-year-old Democrat from Indiana, has been connected to Ohio politics since she was an undergraduate. While at the University of Dayton for undergraduate studies, Whaley headed the UD College Democrats and eventually climbed the ladder to become state … Continue reading Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Announces Bid for Governor

Special Elections Garner Significant Attention

by Joey Derrico New-found jobs in the Trump administration have led to vacant seats in the House of Representatives and other legislative bodies, and Republicans and Democrats alike want to capitalize on the opportunity, creating special elections in Kansas and Georgia.  One special election in Kansas replaces the newly appointed CIA Director and former Congressman Mike Pompeo. Pompeo was a Republican who served the fourth … Continue reading Special Elections Garner Significant Attention

Vacant Supreme Court Seat Filled

by Joey Derrico After more than a year of intense deliberation from both sides of the political aisle, a candidate has been nominated and confirmed to fulfill the vacant 9th seat on the Supreme Court. Forty-nine-year-old Neil Gorsuch will take the place of deceased Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away last February from a heart attack at the age of 79. Speaking in terms of … Continue reading Vacant Supreme Court Seat Filled

Avoiding News Bias

by Joey Derrico This past election season was one that spotlighted the bias lurking in news media. Some of the bias is unintentional while the rest is rooted in the organization’s values and ideals. Sometimes bias is a necessity for news organizations to appeal to loyal viewers who share similar views. However, bias should be avoided when applicable. The fair reporting of news is required … Continue reading Avoiding News Bias

BHS Attends Model UN Conference

by Joey Derrico Over the weekend of March 4, Bellbrook High School traveled to Miami University to participate in the 10th annual Model United Nations conference. Model United Nations, or Model UN for short, is an international organization that creates a genuine simulation of the happenings and rules of the real United Nations. Students, or delegates, are assigned to a country where they act as … Continue reading BHS Attends Model UN Conference

How to be Politically Active

by Joey Derrico After the election in November, many Americans are asking how they can become more politically active in their community. The good news is that there is an abundance of ways to become active in politics at the local, state, and even national level. Whether it be an issue in the local neighborhood or the White House, use this beginning guide for how to … Continue reading How to be Politically Active

How to Create and Follow a Schedule

by Joey Derrico A common complaint among high schoolers is the lack of time in the day to accomplish their various responsibilities. Balancing school, extracurriculars, and a healthy sleep schedule is an arduous task for even the most ambitious of students. There are ways, however, to appease stress and create more available time in the day. The solution lies in following a schedule with dedication … Continue reading How to Create and Follow a Schedule

Clemson wins National Championship

By Joey Derrico The second-seeded Clemson Tigers have defeated the defending champions in the College Football Playoffs National Championship. The game took place on Monday, January 9 in Phoenix, Arizona, in front of an crowd of 76,000. The showdown was a rematch of last year’s championship game in which Alabama defeated the Tigers 45-40. This time, Clemson downed Alabama 35-31 to win their first championship since … Continue reading Clemson wins National Championship

Cavaliers Take On Warriors In Finals Rematch

by Joey Derrico An NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day once again pitted the defending champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, against the red-hot Golden State Warriors. Many sports fans remember the epic showdown that occurred last year between the two teams in the Finals. Cleveland was downed three times in the first four games, facing a 3-1 deficit with two of the three possible remaining games … Continue reading Cavaliers Take On Warriors In Finals Rematch