How to Create and Follow a Schedule

by Joey Derrico

A common complaint among high schoolers is the lack of time in the day to accomplish their various responsibilities. Balancing school, extracurriculars, and a healthy sleep schedule is an arduous task for even the most ambitious of students. There are ways, however, to appease stress and create more available time in the day. The solution lies in following a schedule with dedication and discipline.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it will be the most beneficial way to save you time in the day. Create a schedule that covers all your waking time, from rising to slumbering. Here is an example schedule of a student with no activities outside of school that can be used as a rough guide for creating your own schedule:

6:15- Wake up and get prepared for school

6:30- Eat breakfast and pack lunch for school

7:00- Leave for school

7:15-7:40- Use this free time for something productive such as getting help from teachers, catching up on homework, or working ahead in classes.

7:40-2:40- Attend school and be an active participant in class

* Make sure to use the thirty-minute mentor period in a productive manner and to attend club meetings*

3:00-3:30- Downtime to recollect yourself

3:30~6:30- Work on homework

6:30-9:30- Downtime, dinner, and get ready for bed

9:30-Try to be in bed at this point to guarantee the recommended eight hours of sleep

Many students are tempted when they get home from school to throw down their stuff and rest for multiple hours. Instead, focus on limiting this down time to around thirty minutes and allocate the rest of the time to when you’re done with the day’s activities. Having downtime to look forward to will increase productivity and overall happiness.

Homework for a high schooler typically ranges from 1-3 hours a night so starting homework at 3:30 and working continuously would ensure an end time of 6:30 at the latest. This leaves an abundance of time to complete any other required activities including chores around the house, sports, or volunteering. Sticking to a schedule will ease the stress of school as well as aid in acquiring the necessary amount of sleep. This skill will be applicable to any time period in life including college.


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