How to be Politically Active

by Joey Derrico

After the election in November, many Americans are asking how they can become more politically active in their community. The good news is that there is an abundance of ways to become active in politics at the local, state, and even national level. Whether it be an issue in the local neighborhood or the White House, use this beginning guide for how to become involved in political activism. Below are three simple steps you can take to become a more politically active and aware citizen.

1. Pick an issue you’re passionate about and pursue it

Whether it be poverty, wealth inequality or women’s rights, select an issue of significance to you and work towards addressing that specific problem. For example, if you are passionate about climate change, you may begin to carpool with friends and plant a few extra trees in your yard.

2. Attend city council meetings

Attending city council meetings will inform you of issues that are occurring at the local level. Topics such as allocating land for a park or development, equipment transactions, and community events are all things that are commonly discussed at council meetings. Councilors will typically designate part of the meeting to receive questions from the audience, so your concerns may be heard by the local lawmakers.

3. Join a campaign and/or volunteer at your party’s county headquarters

If you align with a political candidate who represents your views, then consider becoming involved with their campaign. Going one step further, if there is an entire political party that aligns with your views, consider volunteering for their headquarters in your county. Normal activities for these two positions include canvassing for voter registration, making calls to supporters, or distributing political pamphlets to constituents.

While implementing all these tactics may not bring the immediate change you’re looking for, it will make your voice heard and that is what drives change.


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