Cavaliers Take On Warriors In Finals Rematch

by Joey Derrico

An NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day once again pitted the defending champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, against the red-hot Golden State Warriors. Many sports fans remember the epic showdown that occurred last year between the two teams in the Finals. Cleveland was downed three times in the first four games, facing a 3-1 deficit with two of the three possible remaining games at Golden State. This predicament did not deter Cleveland’s Lebron James. Over the next three games, James led the Cavaliers to victories and hence an NBA championship, Cleveland’s first major sports title since 1964, one of the longest droughts in all of sports.

The endings of  Game 7 and the Christmas day showdown were also very similar. During Game 7, Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving knocked down a clutch three-pointer with less than a minute left in the game to put the Cavaliers up three. This shot turned out to be the determining shot of the game, and series. Then, on Christmas, the Cavaliers were down one with ten seconds remaining with the ball in Kyrie Irving’s hands. Kyrie drove to the basket, spun, and hit a fade away jump shot with three seconds left to put the Cavaliers up one. The score ended with the Cavs’ winning by one, 109-108. The Cavaliers may have won the first matchup but the two teams squared off again on January 16 at Golden State and the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 126-91.


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