Successful season ending for women’s soccer

By: Sara Wolf

The Bellbrook women’s varsity soccer team fell to McNick Tuesday, November 1 in the regional semifinals, bringing the Eagles’ successful season to an end. The McNick Rockets defeated the Eagles 2-0, with goals by Megan Rack and Sophie Gorman. Bellbrook head coach Zach Huffman says his girls didn’t have the chances to score that they wished for, but praised goalkeeper Bekah Vine for her strong defense that took away many chances McNick had to score.

The Eagles had previously held up a nine game winning streak, ending the season with an impressive 14 wins, 4 losses and 3 ties. The girls defeated Wyoming the Saturday prior to advance them into the semifinals.

In an interview with the Fairborn Daily Herald, seniors Maleah Miracle and Natalie Stein reflected on their last season. “It’s been a phenomenal season,” said Miracle. “I can’t believe it’s over. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of the team this season. I think that’s the thing about tournament play – you earn your spot each step of the way.”

“I think we were kind of viewed as underdogs,” said Stein to the Herald. “[The win streak] just shows what the Bellbrook program is all about. I think it gets overlooked, how much talent is on this team.”


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