What is Involved in a Play?

by Ally Keefer

The week before a long Thanksgiving break, the students at BHS will view the play called Deadly Earnest. The cast, crew and directors have been working hard on this show for the past several months and are ready for their peers see it.

Emily Taylor, who plays Margie, explains, “It’s not a murder mystery, even though it says deadly in the title.” This play, which is different from the previous shows, is a comedy. It is a fast-moving and exciting play that everyone will remember.

Actors, directors, stage crew alike all have important jobs and enjoy the experience.

The actors have the very important job of telling the story. Emily Taylor loves “being able to put pieces of (herself) into (her) character.” Taylor has enjoyed making relationships with the actors, the directors and the stage crew.

The directors have many important jobs. First, they have to choose the play. Then, they must choose actors and actresses to help them tell a story. This year the group of actors is very diverse. Instead of the cast being up made of with all upper classmen, every grade level is represented in this group, says French teacher Ms. Jergens, one of the directors. She tells of how she has enjoyed seeing the actors bond and form a great show, even though they are all different ages.

The stage crew helps build the set and makes sure everything runs smoothly. They change the set on scene changes and help actors remember what they are supposed to bring on stage. Without stage crew, nothing would happen to the stage. It would stay as blank as an empty chalkboard. Anjali Edwards, who is a part of the crew, explains that she enjoys learning about the behind the scenes that make Bellbrook shows look like magic.

There is a very valuable group of people who contribute to the play that no one knows about. There are people from our community who go out of their way to help make all of the shows the best they can be. Dick Cost comes to stage crew meetings and helps build the set and teaches the students how to build great sets out of wood. Retired teacher Chris Long comes and helps the actors become the best they can be. She critiques them and explains how they could do better. Without these volunteers, the plays would not be what they are today.


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