Problems with Airport Security?

By Ally Keefer A question of airport security arose after a shooting in the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Friday, January 6. The shooter shot and killed 5 civilians and injured another 8. The gunman, Esteban Santiago, awaited the police’s arrival and went to a mental health facility after being arrested. Due to this tragedy, the airport closed for the rest of the day. According to … Continue reading Problems with Airport Security?

Turkey Hit With First Terrorist Attack of 2017

by Ally Keefer Within the first two hours of 2017, a terrorist attack took place in Istanbul, Turkey. During the celebrations of the new year, a shooter entered a nightclub after shooting a police officer and a civilian outside the club. That evening, 70 people were injured–including one American–and 39 were killed. According to The New York Times, no one knew who the shooter was, but … Continue reading Turkey Hit With First Terrorist Attack of 2017

The Smoky Mountains Blaze

By Ally Keefer A raging fire started on Sunday, November 27, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, causing more than 14,000 people to evacuate the area. As of December 5, 14 people were killed in this tragedy in the Smoky Mountains (CBS News). This fire wiped out many buildings and cabins. Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is a tourist destination in the Appalachian Mountains. The fire was started at the top … Continue reading The Smoky Mountains Blaze

What is Involved in a Play?

by Ally Keefer The week before a long Thanksgiving break, the students at BHS will view the play called Deadly Earnest. The cast, crew and directors have been working hard on this show for the past several months and are ready for their peers see it. Emily Taylor, who plays Margie, explains, “It’s not a murder mystery, even though it says deadly in the title.” … Continue reading What is Involved in a Play?

Hurricane Matthew Devastates the Lives of Many

By Ally Keefer Hurricane Matthew left many devastated in the Caribbean during the first week of October. On September 28, 2016, this deadly hurricane formed near the Windward Islands. The hurricane proceeded to Cuba and Haiti on October 4 as a category 4 hurricane. On October 6, the hurricane struck the Bahamas. Following the Bahamas, the hurricane targeted Florida on October 7. It then moved … Continue reading Hurricane Matthew Devastates the Lives of Many