How to Dress for S’winter

By Henry Wong

When one day it’s 60 degrees and it’s snowing the next, it can be hard to know what to wear. Luckily, I have 17 years of dressing experience for Ohio weather and am here to help.

Scenario A: 30 degrees in the morning, 60 degrees in the afternoon

Solution 1: Wear pants and a t-shirt. This allows for warmth below and breathability up top.

Solution 2: Wear a sweatshirt and shorts. While this is a more lopsided option than Solution 1, it still provides roughly the same amount of warmth.

Solution 3: Tear-away pants and button down shirts for easy unbuttoning at a later time. While this is the most unconventional option, it provides the most flexibility on deciding when warmth is needed.

Scenario B: 60 degrees in the morning, 30 degrees in the afternoon

Solution 1: Here, layers are your best option. Bring a sweater or a long coat for later in the day.

Solution 2: Heated sweatshirts. While this is a more expensive option, it allows for tailoring warmth to the user’s preference without looking too obnoxious.

Solution 3: Eat a warm breakfast. Warmth starts from within. Eating a warm breakfast will keep you heated up temporarily until you reach your first morning destination. You will cool off afterwards.

Solution 4: Think about an embarrassing memory from your early childhood. This will get you very heated but it is likely you will cool off by lunch time. Just make sure the memory is not too embarrassing.

Scenario C: 30 degrees and rainy on Monday, 70 degrees on Tuesday, 50 degrees and windy on Wednesday, 20 degrees and snowing on Thursday, and 80 degrees on Friday.

Solution 1: There is only one solution. Pack up your belongings and move to Florida.


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