How to Save Money

By Henry Wong

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It seems that prices are only going up as the years go by. Gas prices have gone up, school lunches are more expensive, and helium balloon prices have risen due to inflation. It seems that the only price that has not changed is a Costco hot dog. Luckily, the following tips will help you save money.

  1. Make your own lunches and dinners. If you do happen to go out, only order water (with lemon if you’re feeling adventurous).
  2. Use coupons. I recommend using them on first dates as it shows your potential significant other that you are financially responsible.
  3. Only shop on Black Friday. Every other day of the year, the Dollar Tree will likely have what you need.
  4. Don’t use heating and air conditioning. Wal-Mart sells very warm onesies that will keep your whole body warm while your house can stay cold.
  5. Win an Oscar. They are plated with 24 karat gold which can be melted  down and sold.
  6. Always buy the older model of things. The older the better because old things have more wisdom.
  7. Embrace hand-me-downs. I wear all of my sister’s old clothes and you can, too.
  8. Take advantage of complimentary items. This applies at fast food restaurants. Napkins and plastic forks were made to be taken in groups of 30. Also, conventions often have booths where vendors give things away. Even if you do not need the product, take it anyway because you never know when you might need that pen that doubles as a can opener.

If following these tips is difficult, just keep in mind that a penny saved is a penny earned. Happy saving!


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