Sugar Maple Festival: Roller Coaster of Flavor

by Bergen Eppers

You’re walking downtown with bunch of people busy around you and you smell the sweet savory scent of barbecue sauces, the arrangement of spices, burning oil, and of course the light touch of sugar. Feeling hungry yet? The Sugar Maple Festival was filled with people all cramming to have the taste of the festival assortments on April 21-23.

Ranging from grilled chicken in gyros, Cajun dishes, or even ribbon fries, Main Street had the vendors you needed to satisfy your taste buds. For those meat lovers there was Bourbon St. Grille, Chuck Wagon, Bellbrook Fire Department Hot Dogs, Dublin Pub, and much more with the bacon on a stick or the classic pulled pork. According to junior Lauren Redfern, “I really enjoyed the Dublin Pub tent and their food is so good. Whether it’s at their Oregon District restaurant or in the middle of the street, they still impress. Their Irish Whiskey Chops are the best and the pub fries are so good.”

Bessie’s Noodles became a popular hit this year with chicken or beef and noodles. Freshman Neve Barker says, “They were pretty salty, but they were great. I had them both days I went.” They also had many sides or snacks you could try such as fried pickles served at Cork n Bottle or the one and only french fries served at Chester Foods. Even beverage vendors varied from smoothies to different types of soda. New this year was the Great Lakes Soda Co. aka the Southwest Soda Saloon. Purchasers had to buy a cup and could get refills from their 9 different flavors of soda for the day.

Now for those dessert fans who only come to festivals for the original and classic treats, vendors varied from deep-fried oreos, waffle ice cream sandwiches from the waffle man, or, everyone’s favorite, the funnel cake. “There’s always the fun of getting the powdered sugar all over you…or over a friend,” says sophomore Bergen Eppers. They even offered frozen cheesecake on a stick and chocolate dipped bananas. And for those locked on summer, they still offered ice cream at Ritters.


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