Freshman Softball Pitcher Tells Story

By: Kayla Stephensen

Kaley Clark, one of two freshman on the softball team this year, pitched the entire game against Oakwood getting 5 strikeouts on April 21. They won 4-1. She told her story of earning a varsity spot, “When I was first told I was on varsity as a freshman, my immediate thought was how big of an honor it was to play with all these girls and how blessed I was to be able to pitch my freshman year.”

Since there are only two freshmen on the team, one might think it would be tough socially, but Clark tells a different view saying, “As a freshman, I’m definitely well included. Our seniors are really great at being leaders and making sure everybody feels a part of the team. They’re great teammates to have. I’ve gotten extremely close with everyone on the team and I’ve loved getting to know everyone.”

There are two other pitchers on the team, both juniors, who have also helped Clark along her way, “I’ve learned a lot from our other pitchers on the team. They have been amazing at encouraging me while I’m in the circle and they’ve taught me how to have confidence when I’m facing girls that are 3 years older than me–really everyone on the team has.”

Clark has been playing softball since she was 4 years old and loves the competitiveness of it. Her older brother played baseball, so growing up, the family was constantly on the field.



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