Bellbrook’s Model UN

by Drew Ward     

Every year Bellbrook attends two Model UN conferences, one in the fall at the University of Dayton and one in the spring at Miami University. At the conference, students are paired up and get a country and a major issue. The students have to work together to form a resolution to the major issue at hand while keeping their country’s interest in mind.

This year Bellbrook attended a Model UN workshop for the University of Dayton’s Model UN conference. The purpose of the workshop was to show the kids who are attending how the conference will work. First the students were shown where they would be when discussing their individual issue and where they would work with our countries to form a resolution. Next the students were shown where the awards would be given at the end of the conference. The students were able to learn more about how the conference would work and where they needed to be.

The actual conference will be November 7, 2017. Students will arrive at school and leave for the conference at 7:40am. The student’s will return to the school around 2:40-3:00 pm. Bellbrook hopes to do very well this year. History teacher Mr. Parks is in charge of the Model UN team for Bellbrook and believes that Bellbrook can receive a lot of awards for their individual efforts.


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