Senior Week 2018 Renews Old Traditions and Brings New Ones

by Drew Ward As the year winds down and summer is on the horizon, the seniors are overfilled with joy of graduating. The week of May 14-May 18 was Senior Week. The week commenced with Meme Day on Monday. Memes are uber relevant in our culture today and the seniors were super excited to show off and laugh all day. Tuesday was Career Day. Careers … Continue reading Senior Week 2018 Renews Old Traditions and Brings New Ones

iHeartRadio Awards

by Drew Ward One of the most anticipated awards ceremonies in music is the iHeartRadio Music awards. The night was filled with dazzling performances by Eminem, Cardi-B, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran and more. Cardi-B shone as she won the year’s Best New Artist, beating Khalid who was considered a favorite. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” won song of the year. Imagine Dragons showed up by … Continue reading iHeartRadio Awards

2018 Oscars Bring Lots of Surprises

by Drew Ward The Oscars is an event where the best in ¬†entertainment is crowned. Ranging from the arts, movies, tv shows, even a retired NBA player, the Oscars has something for everyone. Throughout the night, there were lots of politically charged statements and speeches. However, in between the chaos, winners would be named and dreams were completed. The best picture went to The Shape … Continue reading 2018 Oscars Bring Lots of Surprises

Black Panther: A Long-Awaited Hero

by Drew Ward In a remote town of Wakanda is the setting of the highly anticipated Black Panther movie. The movie is Marvel’s most anticipated movie this year besides Infinity War. Blank Panther is the only Marvel film to have a black superhero and a prominent female lead. The movie comes out on February 16 and some places on the 15. Wakanda is a town … Continue reading Black Panther: A Long-Awaited Hero

Grammys Display Strong Messages

by Drew Ward This year’s Grammy Awards on January 28 was a night dominated by Bruno Mars, who won seven Grammys. He won best album, best record and best song for the year. He had an amazing 2017 and a collaboration with Cardi B solidified his top spot. Although the Grammys are meant for music and bringing people together, there were a lot of messages … Continue reading Grammys Display Strong Messages

Tide Keeps Rolling

by Drew Ward Monday night, January 8 concluded one the craziest and most unexpected college football seasons to date. University of Central Florida went undefeated and the governor of Florida decided that they were the national champions in a bill that he signed, after UCF beat Auburn. The Big Ten went 7-1 in the playoffs after being disappointed at being left out in the playoffs. … Continue reading Tide Keeps Rolling

College Football’s Best

by Drew Ward This year Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma University was awarded the Heisman. Given to the best player or most valuable player in the nation, it was the greatest award a player can achieve, the pinnacle of an individual career. Baker Mayfield also won the Maxwell Award this year, which is given to the best quarterback in the nation. Mayfield has been electric this … Continue reading College Football’s Best

Marching Eagles Finish Their Race

by Drew Ward ¬† ¬† As fall changes into winter, the marching band season comes to an end. Their show, Slow and Steady, made the story of Tortoise and the Hare come to life. They used a larger-than-life turtle and moved in throughout the show until the turtle crossed the finish line and the show ended. The marching band put hours and hours of work … Continue reading Marching Eagles Finish Their Race

Astros Find Dramatic World Series Victory

By Drew Ward A series that undoubtedly would go seven games provided a thrilling ending. The Los Angeles Dodgers boasted the best record in all of baseball and faced off against the Houston Astros. The series was defined by great bullpens and explosive hitting, games flipped flopped from scores ranging to three to one, to thirteen to twelve. The offenses of both teams were dormant … Continue reading Astros Find Dramatic World Series Victory