Astros Find Dramatic World Series Victory

By Drew Ward A series that undoubtedly would go seven games provided a thrilling ending. The Los Angeles Dodgers boasted the best record in all of baseball and faced off against the Houston Astros. The series was defined by great bullpens and explosive hitting, games flipped flopped from scores ranging to three to one, to thirteen to twelve. The offenses of both teams were dormant … Continue reading Astros Find Dramatic World Series Victory

Reviving Bellbrook’s Academic Team

by Drew Ward      This year Bellbrook is reviving their SWBL Academic Team.  The team is supervised and coached by Mrs. Schultz and Mr. Schultz. The team will practice every Thursday after school until their first meet, which will be held at Franklin, Thursday, January, 11, 2018. The team will of a JV and Varsity. The Varsity and JV will be determined by how many … Continue reading Reviving Bellbrook’s Academic Team

Bellbrook has an Enchanted Homecoming 2017

by Drew Ward Every year Bellbrook High School has a fall dance, Homecoming. This year homecoming was on September 30. All of the fall and for some, the end of summer, is spent getting ready for this dance. Guys get ideas for who they are going to ask, how they will ask or even if they plan on going in general. Girls get the difficult … Continue reading Bellbrook has an Enchanted Homecoming 2017

Find some laughs at this year’s fall play

by Drew Ward With school starting, most people do not have anything to look forward to. Their summer is over and now assignments, homework, quizzes, sports, tests are piling up. Everyone is getting stressed and reminiscing on summer, craving for some sort of relief from the school day since Thanksgiving break is still two months away. This year’s fall play will help kids achieve the … Continue reading Find some laughs at this year’s fall play