Yellow Vest Movement Continues in France

by Drew Ward

While Americans were stuffing their faces over Thanksgiving, the French people were protesting. As of now, gas in France is about $7.03 per gallon. Due to this, protests went on for several days. The Yellow Vests protest was due to President Macron raising gas taxes so people would look into more ecologically friendly ways of traveling. His idea has a good message and people in France believe that change needs to happen; however, the execution of his idea was not carried out in a way that benefited the people.

The protests started on November 24 and have continued over subsequent weekends. Over 36,000 people have taken part in this protest. The people stand together and the worker vests represent that. The French government requires everyone who has a car keep a yellow vest in their car in case they get into an accident or their car breaks down. The people have taken a symbol of a call for help as a unifying symbol that allows people to recognize who is fighting with them.

Protests are becoming increasingly more violent. Cars were burned, over 400 people were sent to the hospital and innocent people were threatened. As a result, the president has suspended the soaring fuel prices to negotiate and figure out a compromise. 


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