My Journey to Hamilton

by Emily Lewis

In early November, I had the opportunity to see Hamilton: An American Musical in Chicago. I’ve been obsessed with the musical since summer, soaking up the rich complexities of the soundtrack for months before I learned I would have the opportunity to see it live.

Watching the performance was surreal. With lively performances from Miguel Cervantes, Jamila Sabares-Klemm, and Colby Lewis, I was thoroughly impressed with the production. Everything from lighting to choreography, from nonstop action to the spinning stage left me entranced in the performance for the entire two and a half hours.

It was a bit weird at first to hear voices that contrasted from those of the Original Broadway Soundtrack, but the cast did an amazing job bringing life to these characters. Because Hamilton is packed full of so much information in general, I forgot that there are actual people behind these vocals. Seeing the actors bring these characters to life and put their own spin to certain aspects of the story made the show so much better.

There are other companies currently performing in Washington, D.C., New York and London, but I highly recommend going to see the Chicago company’s rendition of this modern take on the founding fathers. From the fast-paced rapping to the slow heart-wrenching ballads, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth for this fantastic performance.


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