To Strike a Set

by Emily Lewis After the tears and gratitude of the last show on Sunday, April 28, theatre students must go back to school and life returns to normal. Our lives are forever changed from the memories and friendships made, but now it is time to finish the school year, as well as break down the set. After school in the days following, cast and crew … Continue reading To Strike a Set

BHS Prepares for Beauty and The Beast

by Emily Lewis Before the fateful week in which students attend in-school performances of the Spring 2019 Musical, Beauty and the Beast, preparations take place for months on end. In the afternoon hours following school, a dedicated group of students works to build and paint the set that will offer a home to the musical at the end of April. From a two-story castle to … Continue reading BHS Prepares for Beauty and The Beast

An Intergalactic Celebration in Chicago

by Emily Lewis Every year or so, Star Wars fans from across the world come together in a select city to celebrate the legacy and continuation of the franchise. This year, Chicago hosted one of the largest Celebrations to date, with over 70,000 fans in attendance. From panels highlighting actors and new movies to vendors selling the most collectible items, it’s easy to get overwhelmed … Continue reading An Intergalactic Celebration in Chicago

The Best Way to Get Into Star Wars

by Emily Lewis In the past four years, Star Wars has once again stepped into the spotlight, with multiple movies being released under Disney’s new ownership. From the sequel trilogy to standalone movies that help to fill in gaps of the timeline, the stories are new, but familiar. While the new movies are just as great as the rest, many fans and casual moviegoers are … Continue reading The Best Way to Get Into Star Wars

OPINION: Trump’s Lack of Environmental Policy Could Prove Disastrous

by Emily Lewis In a world that is changing both economically and environmentally, it is clear to see which issue our current administration tends to favor. Since President Trump comes from an entrepreneurial background, many of his decisions in the past two years support growing business at the expense of the environment. With the changing climate a threat on the horizon, our lawmakers need to … Continue reading OPINION: Trump’s Lack of Environmental Policy Could Prove Disastrous

My Journey to Hamilton

by Emily Lewis In early November, I had the opportunity to see Hamilton: An American Musical in Chicago. I’ve been obsessed with the musical since summer, soaking up the rich complexities of the soundtrack for months before I learned I would have the opportunity to see it live. Watching the performance was surreal. With lively performances from Miguel Cervantes, Jamila Sabares-Klemm, and Colby Lewis, I … Continue reading My Journey to Hamilton

After the Midterms: What’s Next

by Emily Lewis Simmering in the aftermath of one of the most eruptive Midterm elections in America history, there is one big question to ask ourselves: what’s next? Not long after the midterm―or in some cases, before―candidates are beginning to surface, as the two dominant parties already start to rally their troops for the 2020 Presidential election. Republicans managed to keep the Senate, but the … Continue reading After the Midterms: What’s Next