BHS Prepares for Beauty and The Beast

by Emily Lewis

Before the fateful week in which students attend in-school performances of the Spring 2019 Musical, Beauty and the Beast, preparations take place for months on end. In the afternoon hours following school, a dedicated group of students works to build and paint the set that will offer a home to the musical at the end of April. From a two-story castle to a flying tavern wall, there are many moving pieces and various components to be created. “It can be a lot of tedious work,” Stage Manager Delaney Smith stated, “But it’s a lot of fun as well.”

In the evenings, crew goes home and the actors arrive. Dances commence, and songs are sung as students prepare to perform. Countless hours of practice go into these songs. Even as tech week arrives and dress rehearsals begin, actors are still striving to get their characters just right. The theater comes alive with song once the pit orchestra arrives, and by the end of the week, the crew, the pit and the actors create a balance to bring Beauty and the Beast to life.

Bellbrook High School’s Spring Musical opens on April 26.


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