An Intergalactic Celebration in Chicago

by Emily Lewis

Every year or so, Star Wars fans from across the world come together in a select city to celebrate the legacy and continuation of the franchise. This year, Chicago hosted one of the largest Celebrations to date, with over 70,000 fans in attendance.

From panels highlighting actors and new movies to vendors selling the most collectible items, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with an event held in the largest convention center in North America. Five days are just enough for fans to tackle the entirety of the exhibit hall, a few panels and lots of lines.

With so much going on, it’s hard to believe that the very best part of the weekend is simply the fans. From Chicago locals to travelers coming internationally, there’s one thing that holds all these people together: their love for Star Wars. There’s no other place where fans are able to meet each other in such a capacity, decked out in their favorite galactic shirts and costumes.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago may be over, but with Anaheim’s recent announcement looming in the distance, fans are ready to begin gearing up for another space-filled weekend in just a year’s time.


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