Young Bellbrook Diplomats Compete in Model UN Confrence

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

On April 6 and 7, the Bellbrook High School Model United Nations team competed on a two-day conference. Hosted by Miami University, 14 students diplomatically ensured the success of their Nations.

On April 6, each student went through three sessions for their committee. In the first session, each committee learned what issue they would be covering for the day, and focused on creating resolutions for their committee. In the second session, the committees worked on passing their resolutions and dealing with the working papers for their committee. During the third session, the committees worked on and debated the effects of their resolutions. Sophomore Samantha Holdaway’s committee focused on the major issues of smallpox. Throughout each session, she and the other students on the committee debated over how they were going to eradicate smallpox.

On April 7, the debates in the different committees got shaken up a bit. The intended goal of the second day was to continue each committees’ goal to ensure their success, but a strange scenario got thrown into the mix. For example, Holdaway’s committee had eradicated smallpox using rain systems to spread vaccines. All was going well, and there were little to no cases in each nation present until Britain and Ethiopia suddenly developed a mass epidemic of the allegedly-eradicated disease. Through numerous debates, the committee came to the conclusion: Britain and Ethiopia were attacked with biological warfare, and either Russia or Canada was to blame.

Overall the days were successful. Senior Rachael Kahler won an award for Outstanding Delegate and Senior Emily McNamara won verbal commendations for her efforts.


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