University of Virginia Men’s Basketball Finds Redemption

by Drew Ward

Upset and failure were all that Virginia’s men’s basketball team heard last year. Last year Virginia became the first one seed to lose to a sixteen seed in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The whole 2018-2019 season they were doubted. People did not care about their regular season performance because of their momentous loss last year. This doubt was used to fuel the team and made this year one full of redemption.

Virginia redeemed themselves by tying North Carolina to become the ACC regular season champions. Considered the hardest conference in basketball, this feat was worthy of saying Virginia achieved their redemption. However, the team was not finished. The NCAA tournament started in March and ended April 8, 2019. Virginia won, beating Texas Tech 85-77. The redemption narrative was complete. The Cavaliers won the game in overtime, outscoring Texas Tech 9-17 to secure the win. The Cavaliers proved to be superior in every way. They were the only number one seed to make the final four and beat the Auburn Tigers to do so.


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