WGI Championships Prove Successful for Winter Guard and IPE

By Abbey Raison

April has given the Bellbrook World Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion Ensemble a rigorous practice schedule and a fantastic close to their seasons.

The winter guard practiced 5-9 p.m. every day in preparation for WGI World Championships. They were successful in prelims and in semi-finals, allowing them to continue to World Class Finals for the second time in Bellbrook’s history. They ended their season of “The Rainbow Bridge” with an emotional performance that had the entirety of UD Arena crying for their beloved pets. The winter guard is now ranked 15th in the world among other high school guards. Senior Aubry Stout said, “I feel privileged to be a part of this program. It has taught me so much about teamwork and has shown me how much even the underdogs can accomplish by working together.” The winter guard hopes they will continue their path of success in future years.

The Indoor Percussion Ensemble was also extremely successful at WGI competition. The members had a 9am-9pm practice the Saturday before their prelims on Wednesday. They were ranked very well by the prelims judges, making it into semi-finals in 14th place. Though their semi-finals run was the best of the season, the new judging panel ranked them at 18th place. They did not make Scholastic A Class finals, but the group had a fantastic season with a lot of success in the local competition circuit. Sophomore Garret Sharp said, “We ended an amazing season by leaving it all on the floor at semis. I’m proud of this group.” The percussion will continue in Class A next season and will work hard with their many new members for another amazing season.


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