After the Midterms: What’s Next

by Emily Lewis

Simmering in the aftermath of one of the most eruptive Midterm elections in America history, there is one big question to ask ourselves: what’s next? Not long after the midterm―or in some cases, before―candidates are beginning to surface, as the two dominant parties already start to rally their troops for the 2020 Presidential election.

Republicans managed to keep the Senate, but the loss of the House could fuel a fire to win in 2020. Most likely, President Trump will decide to run for re-election, and use the division of Congress to increase turnout in his favor. As we all know, Trump’s use of rallies and bold statements offers him an unusual amount of support during elections, and the Republicans could keep the White House for an additional four years.

Democrats have secured a majority this year, upsetting the 8-year Republican rule over the House. With low presidential approval ratings, Democrats are hopeful to acquire the White House in 2020. With potential candidates like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Ohio’s own Sherrod Brown, Democrats have many opportunities to pick a strong opponent to run against Trump in 2020.


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