To Strike a Set

by Emily Lewis

After the tears and gratitude of the last show on Sunday, April 28, theatre students must go back to school and life returns to normal. Our lives are forever changed from the memories and friendships made, but now it is time to finish the school year, as well as break down the set.

After school in the days following, cast and crew alike come together one last time to take apart the village homes and the enormous castle interior. Crew helps direct cast members to find things to do and we all reminisce over the past two weeks while taking apart months of hard work. Wood is thrown back into storage and walls are stacked like books on a shelf. Background drops are taken down and folded up. By the end of the two days, the stage is bare, yet everyone’s hearts are full.

And in the quiet aftermath, we all share the final memories and words before going our separate ways. Seniors off to college, underclassmen off to summer adventures. But in the fall, we all shall rejoin again for another play, as actors, crew members, audience members, for you never truly leave the theater.


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