Where to Buy the Best Books

by Emily Lewis

Bellbrook is in the middle of winter, with snow delays and cold, frosty nights galore, meaning way too much time spent inside. It’s important to have something to keep you occupied while being cooped up indoors all winter. Books are the perfect solution.

A great place to find books is the local library. If you’re someone who only reads a book once, libraries are perfect for quick (and free) reading. There are also lots of library apps, like OverDrive, in which allow you to borrow books on your phone or tablet. All you need is a library card!

For those with the need to personally own books, there are multiple book shops in the Dayton area to browse. And there’s nothing like the heavenly scent of brand new books. Around Bellbrook, there are many retail bookstores to choose from, like Books & Co. at The Greene Shopping Centre or Barnes & Noble stores near the Fairfield and Dayton malls. It’s always a treat to go into these large warehouse-sized stores and browse through the hundreds of books. In Yellow Springs, Dark Star Books houses used treasures from comics to maps to historical literature. Their store has a little bit of something for everyone, including a cat who hangs around the seating area.

A great place to find secondhand books, as well as video games, music and movies, is 2nd and Charles at Towne & Country shopping center in Kettering, and holds a vast amount of books, from school-required readings to the latest in science fiction. You can sell your old books as well! They offer cash or in-store credit.


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