Mary Poppins Returns: A Must-See to Bring Out Your Inner Kid

By: Jade Edwards

A fresh, modern addition to the classic, Mary Poppins Returns is a thrilling film that tells the story of what happens after the original.  Michael Banks recently lost his wife to an illness, and his sister Jane Banks is there to help raise his three kids: Anabel, John, and Georgie.  

Living at 17 Cherry Tree Lane, a house that has been in the Banks name since Michael and Jane’s childhood, is just too expensive. With his low-paying job at the struggling bank, Michael is having trouble keeping afloat above the piling bills and mountain of debt he has attained.  His house may even be up for foreclosure if Michael cannot scrounge up the money before the end of a dwindling timeframe. All he wants is for his own children to have the childhood they deserve while still being able to hold onto his family house.

Suddenly, the winds change, and Mary Poppins is there to save the day, still the same as when she was the nanny for Jane and Michael a long time ago.  Mary Poppins is the glue of the family as she helps Michael discover what he had lost in the transition to adulthood: his spirit and imagination. The adventures she takes the children on teach them important life skills and lessons as well as reveal the true culprit for all the financial troubles Michael is having. The question is: can the family and the house be saved in time?

This movie was almost the definition of perfection.  A great movie for both people who have never seen Mary Poppins and for Mary Poppins lovers.  I am positive viewers will find this new addition to the original charming and creative.  “Practically perfect in every way” was the decision of who to play the character Mary Poppins.  Emily Blunt did a phenomenal job in the role of such a robust and charismatic character. This was truly “her movie.”

As a branch off of the original, the scenes were similar to the older version but with their own twist.  No spoilers in this review, but Mary Poppins Returns was made to evoke nostalgia in the fans of the original.  The only thing that I was disappointed in was that they did not include any of the old songs.  While I understand that the new film was supposed to be its own, I left the theater feeling a little sad that I didn’t get to hear any snippets of the old songs. There is just a feeling that something is missing without them. Other than that, I highly recommend this movie.

A wonderful family night pick, this movie is meant to be a new part of your DVD collection.  Though, if you are not willing to commit to buying the DVD, it is still in some theaters.  This movie is made to help people remember that life is good and that there are solutions to our problem. Sometimes we just need to bring out the kid in all of us and “fly a kite.”  The answers to our troubles may be simpler than they seem.


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