Alabama struck by terrible storms

by Drew Ward

March 4, 2019 brought storms in Alabama that wrecked not only the town but took 23 lives. The tornado that hit the town had winds that started at 136 mph up to 165 mph and was over a half mile wide. The devastating storm has killed children and elderly alike. As of now, there are still over 20 people missing. Sunday night, the East Alabama Medical Centered received roughly 60 patients. Their injuries were a result of the storm. There are two people in critical condition as of this morning.

After the storm passed, people awoke to the utter destruction of their town. People lost their homes, stores were destroyed, and people missing. The state and local police started a search party. A major concern is how cold it was and still is. The weather Sunday night was hovering at freezing and today it is climbing but the low for the day is 38°F. The people in Lee County are still trying to find loved ones and shelter.

The Red Cross has already started to help and you can donate by calling at  (334) 749-9981 or visiting online at There are also volunteer opportunities through the Red Cross, and churches in the area like The Church of Highlands are providing shelter for people and creating volunteer groups.


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