Tiger Woods Wins a Majestical Masters

by Drew Ward

For the past decade, Tiger Woods has dealt with personal and professional adversity. This past Sunday he pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in Golf Masters history to end his decade long major championship drought and rose above his trials.

Woods pulled out a historic round on Sunday. He was in second entering the day on Sunday, paired with others in the front. He double-bogeyed holes 4 and 5 but he played well when it mattered. On hole 12, Molinari cracked under the pressure and Woods started to play phenomenally. After that hole, it was all Woods. He hit one of the greatest shots ever at the Masters on hole 16. He used an eight iron and was able to surpass Nicklaus’s same shot, by a foot, at the same hole 33 years ago. After his crafty beautiful tee shot, Woods used his signature chip in to cap off one the most majestic holes of golf the Masters has seen.

The miracle at the Masters will be one that will be remembered for decades to come. The emotions and respect from everyone was a spectacle to see. Woods ran over to his son and hugged him, lifting him into the air. The personal family issues Woods had were monumental. He was able to get through it and win. Tiger Woods was able to fight through back surgeries, pain, personal mistakes, and lows, he was able to win the greatest golfing competition on the planet, and even considered one of the most coveted championships in all of sports.


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