Fall Play Opens This Week at Bellbrook High

By Michaela Pittman

November 13 marks the week of the fall play at Bellbrook High School. An annually anticipated event at school that students and teachers alike enjoy while taking a break from classes. This year the play is called You Can’t Beat the House and is directed by Madame Jergens and Kyle Castle. And it’s a comedy, much like the fall play last year.

The play follows robbers Howie (Sean Hannah) and Merle (Jack Culbertson) as they break in and attempt to rob a house. However, things hardly go as planned due to hilarious mix-ups and impersonations. This week the middle school will be watched the play on Tuesday. On Wednesday the upperclassmen watched in the morning and the underclassmen watched in the afternoon. The play’s opening night was Thursday, November 16 at 7p and runs at the same time on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $10 each.


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