Astros Find Dramatic World Series Victory

By Drew Ward

A series that undoubtedly would go seven games provided a thrilling ending. The Los Angeles Dodgers boasted the best record in all of baseball and faced off against the Houston Astros. The series was defined by great bullpens and explosive hitting, games flipped flopped from scores ranging to three to one, to thirteen to twelve. The offenses of both teams were dormant but during the right moment Houston got it going. The decisive seventh game was won by the Astros which ended a 55-year-old drought without a world series win. In the last game, the Astros put five runs on the scoreboard in the first two innings which dug a hole for the Dodgers that they could not climb out of.

The city of Houston needed this World Series win badly. The Astros were one of the league’s worst teams in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 they finished second and third in their division and missed the playoffs in 2016. They are a young team and have lots of talent. This year the team finally put it all together and won the championship. The team played for the city of Houston after the devastating hurricane that hit the town in October. They used baseball to help inspire the city to come together and rally around something.


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