School-Wide Donation Project Begins

By: Carter Caldwell

This holiday season, spread some joy by taking part in the school-wide Donation Drive for the Bellbrook Family Resource Center.  Recently, the senior hosts of our school podcast “The Egg” Jack Long and Megan Malas visited the Bellbrook Family Resource Center, where they learned of the Family Resource Center’s recurring inability to meet the needs of its patrons during the holiday season.  In effort to turn things around, Malas and Long proposed a large scale donation drive, set to start December 4 and end December 15.

During the drive, various groups throughout the school will be collecting different items, such as Student Council collecting hygiene products (including shampoo, toothbrushes, and deodorant), and members of the band will be collecting socks.  Furthermore, KEY Club and Partnership for Success will be volunteering at the Family Resource Center.  In addition to being able to help in these areas, students are encouraged to bring in loose change to fill the multiple vessels located outside the main office.  Student Council officers will also visit mentors to collect coins, which will also be used to benefit the Family Resource Center.

In order to spread more awareness about their project, Malas and Long will be visiting the Family Resource Center to film a video, which will be shown during mentor period.  The slogan for the cause is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” and any questions about the donation drive can be brought to Malas or Long in Ms. Bills-Tenney’s classroom during mentor.


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