76ers vs. Celtics Scuffle in London

By Mackenzie Pittman

January 11, the Philadelphia 76ers faced off against the Boston Celtics. They shocked the crowd with a fight between Ben Simmons and Marcus Morris during the 4th quarter.

Simmons had went to charge through a screen set by Simmons, but in the process he got physical and knocked down Morris. Despite receiving free throws for the foul, Morris was ready for a fight and quickly got up and shoved Simmons. It got heated and teammates along with refs had to break up the fight before it took a turn for the worse. The refs reviewed the play to see if Simmons foul was a flagrant, but deemed it a personal foul. Nonetheless, Morris received a technical for starting the scuffle.

The Celtics came out with the win in the end, with a score of 114-103.


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