As Colder Weather Moves In, Winter Formal is Fast Approaching

By: Carter Caldwell

In case the recent two-hour delays, early releases, and snow days haven’t tipped you off, winter has come to Bellbrook, Ohio.  Sure, it got a little caught up in the moment and got up above 50ºF the other day, but if the couple of inches of snow January 11 brought are any indicator, that was certainly a fluke.

With the weather, of course, comes the typical winter-y things: snow days, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the back-halves of winter sports seasons, Valentine’s Day, and of course Winter Formal.

Last year, some JROTC students put together the girls-ask-guys dance in order to raise money for the JROTC program, and the project proved to be a massive success.  They were able to more than double their goals, and the night proved to be a hit with the students too.  This year, the dance is back, and with a few key organizers of the event having since graduated, the standard is set.  Last year’s formal was notably less formal than other school dances such as Homecoming, and for many, that was what made it stand out.   This year, the dance will be the night of February 3, with tickets sold at $10 each.  The theme, fittingly, is Winter Wonderland.


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