Senior Week 2018 Renews Old Traditions and Brings New Ones

by Drew Ward

As the year winds down and summer is on the horizon, the seniors are overfilled with joy of graduating. The week of May 14-May 18 was Senior Week.

The week commenced with Meme Day on Monday. Memes are uber relevant in our culture today and the seniors were super excited to show off and laugh all day.

Tuesday was Career Day. Careers ranged from a stay-at-home soccer mom to a street dancer, with doctors and farmers in between.

Tuesday night was the senior paint fight which started at 10pm at the high school. Wednesday was Paint Day where students wore the clothes they wore the night before during the paint fight. This is a fun tradition at Bellbrook and the seniors look forward to it every year.

Thursday was College Day. This means that the students wore a shirt or sweatshirt of the college they are attending in the fall. They took time out of the day to take pictures in the courtyard together. This is a day for them to remember since it is their last real day at Bellbrook.

Friday ended the week with field day, a new tradition this year. This day brings nostalgia because in elementary the year ended with a field day at the stadium, complete with a cookout hosted by the administration.


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