5 Gifts Every Grad Will Love

By: Chelsea Cozad

  1. A tumbler with their college name on it

Every grad will love to show off some pride for their new school with a cute tumbler. This is great gift for everyday use that will please any graduate

  1. A cute journal or planner

When college life becomes overwhelming, any graduate would be thankful to have a spot to jot down schedules, to-do lists, or even their feelings.

  1. College sweatshirts or t-shirts

Let the graduate flaunt their new school’s name with a cute and comfy t-shirt or sweatshirt.

  1.  Gift cards

Coffee places, clothing stores, or the graduates favorite spots–you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

  1. Money

A go-to for anybody–especially a grad. With college tuition, books, and dorm accessories, money will be the perfect gift for the new high-school graduate who is about to be drowning in debt.


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