Eagles Crush Tiffin

by Drew Ward

September 8, the Varsity cross-country teams went to Tiffin for a highly anticipated meet. The varsity teams attend every year, and besides league, it is the biggest meet of the year. The boys’ team finished 2nd overall in the Division I B race and the girls finished 4th overall in the Division I A race. Both teams had the highest overall placement in the history of the meet.

The boys were led by Max Bretland, who got second in the meet. Takumi Ford, Clay Cavanaugh, and Bryce Levine all had a personal record. Levine lost his shoe after the first half mile and had the carry it in his hand the whole race. “It was really fun. I slipped and slid through the mud. It also sucked because it was I could not get up hills easily,” Levine said. Tyler Dreischarf, a senior who ran for the first time at Tiffin, said, “It was an experience. We got to stay overnight and we were able to swim and hang out. It was one of the greatest experiences of my cross-country career.” The boys finished 2nd which is the highest finish Bellbrook boys have ever achieved.

For the girls, Tiffin was a trial run for state. The teams that were at Tiffin were also at state last year. Therefore coach Johnson was “overly thrilled” with how the girls raced. Emily Pelfrey, a sophomore, said “Knowing that we can compete and have a chance to continue to improve is motivational. Knowing that if we work hard, we have a chance to be first or second is what drives me.” Senior Elise Kemper said, “I enjoy Tiffin, it prepares us for state.” The girls’ team will run their next race at Centerville for the Saturday Night Lights meet.


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