Spooky Sensations: A 2018 Halloween Homecoming

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

Homecoming is upon us, with Spirit Week starting October 8. The Homecoming football game is Friday, October 12 and the dance is Saturday, October 13 in the auxiliary gym at Bellbrook High School.

The student council is in charge of coming up for the theme of Homecoming. Due to a late Homecoming on October 13, they decided on a Halloween theme. From Styrofoam tombstones to ghostly decorations, the new cafeteria and entrance to the auxiliary gym will leave the students frightened with fun. The student council has worked hard, taking measurements, and even hand making some of the decorations. They are also in charge of clean-up after the dance.

The week leading up to Homecoming is spirit week where students are encouraged to dress up to fit each day’s theme:

Mon, Oct 8: Dress Like a Meme or Vine Day
Tues, Oct 9: Decades Day (you pick what decade you want to wear)
Wed, Oct 10: Halloween Costume Day
Thurs, Oct 11: Purple and Gold Day

Since there is no school on Friday, October 12, and the Homecoming pep rally will be held on Thursday. The fall sports seniors will run the show for the Pep Rally with a choreographed dance.

On Wednesday, October 10, the senior girls will ruthlessly fight enemies and even friends on the football field. The Powder Puff football game starts at 7 o’clock and is followed by a bonfire. Our senior boys will be there cheering on our new Powder Puff football team with ridiculous outfits and cheers to match.

For this year’s Homecoming game, the Bellbrook Golden Eagles football team plays the Brookville Blue Devils. As of September 28, Bellbrook has a 6:0 win/loss record and Brookville has a 5:1 win/loss record. For the game, the students will be all decked out in purple and gold.


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