Bellbrook Football Marches Forward in a Remarkable Season

by Drew Ward

Bellbrook football has had the start of the decade. The Eagles are now 6-0 after defeating Valley View on Friday, September 27. The beginning of the season the Eagles were favorites in SWBL; however, after 15 minutes of play, Hayden Bullock, a captain who is playing at The U.S. Air Force Academy next year, tore his ACL.

After this injury, the team has doubted. Senior Nick Birri spoke about the injury, “Once Bullock went down, I was heartbroken. I could tell it was not going to be good. He was the star on our team. Other teams made their game plans around him.” In the following weeks, Bellbrook gained momentum and kept winning. Junior Caden Barr says, “I do not think anyone expected this. For us to be doing this well after losing Bull, we really came together and are playing for him.”

Bellbrook is first in the league now and are the favorites after beating Franklin on September 21. Bellbrook has not beat Franklin for the past eight years. Quarterback Brendan Labensky says, “It was one the greatest moments in my football career. We have never beat them before and to come back and lead a game-winning drive was perfect.”


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