And Now Presenting: Bellbrook High School’s Show Choir

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

Show Choir is a club in which the students dance and sing at the same time. The club at Bellbrook High School is run by Mrs. Siler and meets at 2:50 after school on Wednesdays. The Bellbrook High School Show choir brings an open environment for those who want to sing and dance but don’t have room in their schedule for choir or mentor choir. Throughout the year, the students gain an appreciation for music, and they have fun while doing so.

The 2017-2018 school year was the debut of  show choir. The choir opened with “Man With a Bag” during the December concert. From the beginning of the year, the students and Mrs. Siler worked on figuring out how to dance and sing at the same time. To find the songs, Mrs. Siler held a vote of what the members wanted to dance to, then she found a choreographed version of another show choir dancing to that song. The choir learned the song then the dance. The choir would get together at 7 o’clock on Wednesday mornings

After the December concert, the show choir watched their dance, and tried to decide what they needed to improve on for the next concert, held in the spring. For the spring concert, the show choir performed the song “Footloose” from the movie Footloose. The song was very complicated for the choir to learn since it had split parts between the tenors and basses and the altos and sopranos. The choir still managed to learn and perfect the dance, just in time to perform it during the spring concert.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the show choir is starting off with “All I Want For Christmas is You” for their December concert song. They have yet to start learning the choreography but have successfully sung through the whole song. This year the choir is struggling with attendance to practice. Most of the members play sports after school so it’s either a really close cut, or they cannot make it to practice. A good portion of the members tends to be able to make it to most of the practice even with their busy sports schedules.

Show Choir only practices once a week, but in the time allowed, the choir gets their stuff done. From a quick warm-up of scales to repeating a stanza over and over again until it’s perfect, a typical practice involves 3-5 quick octave scales to get the voices warmed up, followed by a sing-through of the song. The choir then studies the choreography, working through each step like the football team runs plays, repeating them until they’re perfect, then they move on and repeat the process.


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