Franklin Throwing Hands at Girls Soccer Game

by: Kayla Stephensen

Thursday October 4, the girls’ soccer traveled to Franklin for a rematch. Both teams were surprised by the aggressiveness of their opposing team. Junior varsity forward Bailey Sedlak comments, “I was running down the field [with the ball] and she just hooked arms with me and dragged me down. I tried to get up but she was holding me down and so when we got up we both must have pushed each other.” Sedlak and the Franklin defender received yellow cards as a result of the interaction.

Shortly after Sedlak got pulled, her fellow junior forward Sydney Hollingsworth came in and scored. Hollingsworth felt that the score didn’t necessarily feel good because it was after the throwing hands and “because they were calling some of our players names and being generally rude overall.”

In the junior varsity game, the girls were worried about the safety of their players after the same Franklin defender took out four of their teammates. When freshman Cambree Bernkopf got the wind knocked out of her, freshman Elisabeth Mumper said to the girl, “That was NOT good sportsmanship! You hurt my player!”

The varsity team pulled through with a 3-0 win and JV tied 0-0.


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