McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight In and Out of UFC the Ring

by: Kayla Stephensen and Drew Ward

Saturday, October 6 Conor McGregor fought in his first fight after being suspended from the Ultimate Fighting Championship match.  His opponent was Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov was undefeated coming into the fight and the heavy favorite.

The fight itself was not that enticing for the first few rounds; however, in the fourth round Nurmagomedov took McGregor to the ground and McGregor tapped. What was the most interesting was what happened after the fight. Once McGregor tapped, Nurmagomedov went out of the octagon and started fighting McGregor’s trainer Dillon Danis. After Nurmagomedov jumped out, his trainers came in and started to punch McGregor. Everything went to chaos and the UFC is at a loss. Nurmagomedov´s pay has been suspended and he will receive a fine and suspension.

McGregor is known for getting inside his opponent’s head and messing with their strategy prior to the fight. Nurmagomedov, however, did not flinch at any of the press conferences. He did not play any of McGregor’s games; he answered questions at the press conference before McGregor showed up and he calmly listened to McGregor insult him.


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