Last Minute Homecoming Tips

By: Sara Wolf

The BHS Homecoming dance is Saturday, October 13, in the auxiliary gym at 8 p.m. As the dance approaches, here are some tips for the last minute details that we all have to sort out.

What to Wear

If your outfit hasn’t come together quite yet, there are eleventh hour fixes that may work for you. Ask a friend if they have a tie you could borrow in a shade that would match your date, or ask if any girls have old dresses you could borrow for the dance. It’ll save you money and a trip to the mall if it works out. Girls: if you want to use homecoming as an excuse to treat yourself and get your nails done, by all means, do it. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on nails, wearing $5 press-on nails for one night gives you the perfectly-styled look without the commitment to a set of acrylics. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish looks just about as beautiful as the polish you would leave the nail salon with anyway.


Too late to get reservations where you were hoping to eat? Avoid the stress of getting your group in and out of a nice restaurant during the Saturday night rush by eating at someone’s house! Pizza might not seem to fit the occasion of homecoming, but a laid-back dinner with your date and friends will be a better memory than a desperate, failed attempt to eat somewhere busy and expensive. Trust me, I’ve had stressful homecoming night dinners that are unmatched by the times we catered or made a potluck dinner that everyone loved. It might be the better option!

Plans after?

If you didn’t leave it all on the dance floor and still have some energy left, Beaver-Vu Bowl on North Fairfield Road and Poelking Lane on Woodman Drive stay open until 2 a.m. on Saturday nights. Or, with the weather dropping from 80 to 50 degrees throughout homecoming week, a bonfire with some friends might be the perfect after-the-dance activity. Make some hot chocolate for the first time this fall, grab some blankets to use to block the smoke from the fire when the wind blows it toward you, and hang out outside while it’s still nice enough. You know Ohio won’t let us be happy about the weather for too long.


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