Fatal Limo Crash That Should Not Have Happened

By: Jade Edwards

Early afternoon on Saturday, October 6, 20 people were killed in a limo crash at the intersection of State Route 30 and State Route 30A in Schoharie, New York.  Everyone in the limo died, including the driver, along with two pedestrians after the limo failed to stop and lost control at the stop sign marking the intersection.  This crash is “the nation’s deadliest transportation accident since 2009,” according to The New York Times.

On the way to a birthday celebration, the vehicle flew through the intersection and hit an empty 2015 Toyota Highlander in the parking lot of the Apple Barrel Country Store nearby.  The pedestrians killed in the accident were two customers of the store. Tire tracks were left in the ground clearly marking the lethal path of the vehicle.

The limousine is said to have not been in the proper condition to be on the road, which could be a major factor in the crash.  Prestige Limousine Chauffeur Service, the company that the limo was from, is known to be loosely regulated with its drivers’ licenses, inspections, and location of business: a cheap hotel.  Even the owner Shahed Hussain has a shady track record with federal authorities. The limo transporting the group that day had failed its inspection about a month before and should not have been on the road at all.  Along with this, the driver did not have the appropriate license to be operating the vehicle. The company is now being thoroughly investigated, operations have been suspended, and the vehicles are being held by officials.


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