How to Find New Music

by Arden Lunay

With so much easy, affordable access to music, it is hard to know where to start to find new music when none of the albums in your current rotation feel right. Luckily, there are many different places to look to find your next favorite song.

We all know it feels like the radio only ever plays the same four songs, so listen to music from a different platform. There are many music streaming apps that are a great alternative. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and 8tracks all either offer free versions with ads or are reasonably priced, or you can find a friend with a spot open on their family plan.

Spotify makes good public playlists. An easy way to find new music is listening to a playlist that interests you, like “Autumn Acoustic” or “Anti-Pop” and add every song you like to your own playlists. Some artists make public playlists of songs that inspire them, so check out the Spotify pages of your favorite artists. Chances are you will like songs that influenced their style. Also on an artist Spotify page is a section called “Related Artists.” In the list of artists, usually at least a few are just as good as the artists whose page you are on.

If you are listening to music on YouTube, find a song you know you like, then look through the suggested videos. Oftentimes it is filled with similar songs to the one you’re listening to. Pay attention to music in tv shows, movies, and commercials, and use Shazam to find the name of a song in the background.

Ask your friends! Most people always have a list of songs they like, and if they know your music taste, they’ll be able to recommend music specific for you. Sometimes your friends know your music taste better than you do. Follow them on Spotify to see their playlists and to see exactly what they are listening to at that moment (if they have their public listening turned on).

Follow my Spotify @ardennn11 to see my excessive amount of non sonically cohesive playlists.


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