Make the Most of Your Next Concert

By Arden Lunay

Going to a concert is a fun but sometimes overwhelming activity that is a great way to make good memories. Here are some tips to make the most out of your upcoming concert.

  1. When looking for concerts to go to, check out small venues that host intimate and, more importantly, cheap shows of underrated artists. allows you to search by venue. The Basement and Ace of Cups are two really small venues in Columbus with ticket prices as low as $8.
  2. If the venue is general admission, showing up an hour or more before doors open can help make sure you have a good spot. Being up close to the artist can make a concert even better, and if the weather is nice, waiting in line can be fun.
  3. Dress in shoes that are comfortable enough to stand in for as many as 6 hours. Closed toed shoes are much safer, especially if you the venue is general admission or you’re planning to be in the pit. Also make sure you are wearing clothes that aren’t going to get too hot in a crowded, sweaty room. Layers you can tie around your waist are useful if it is cold outside.
  4. Avoid needing to carry in a bag. Most venues have strict bag restrictions and will prohibit you from bringing in bags over a certain size requirement. Always check each individual venues website so you don’t have to figure out where to put your purse at the last second.
  5. Once you are in, stand up for yourself if you are in the pit. People will try and push past you but as long as you stand your ground, they usually give up. Don’t be scared to say something if someone is making you uncomfortable.
  6. That being said, concerts are a great place to meet new people. Talking about the first time you heard the artist you are seeing or other concerts you have been to are good conversation topics to talk about while waiting to get into the venue or for the set to start.
  7. Once the show has started, have fun! Dance and sing along to your favorite songs, and try not to be too self conscious. While it’s tempting to record every minute of the show, the videos will never compare to the memory, so record sparingly.

Once the concert is done, sometimes small artists will come out and meet people after the show, so be sure to hang around the merch booth after. It also never hurts to stop at Waffle House on your way home to refuel before driving home.


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