How to Successfully Set Goals

by Raihan Elgihani
Exams are approaching; therefore, we must set goals in order to effectively study for them. Not only are these tips great for exam goals, but for goals in general such as for the new year. Here are some steps take in order to successfully achieve your goals.

1.) Create a goal

This is the base of the whole journey to be successful, so having a realistic goal is crucial. The first step is to decide what you want to do. Then make sure to write it down! When you write it down, you make it official. There will also be a higher chance that you will stick to it. If you stay by your goal then you will succeed!

2.) Set a deadline

By setting a deadline you will achieve this goal successfully and in a timely manner. Set the deadline according to your schedule, that way you can treat it like a graded class assignment and actually complete it.

3.) Make an organized task list

Ask yourself what steps you need to take to complete the goal. Also, make sure to write those steps down. This will make the task more official and you will succeed at accomplishing your goal by doing so.

4.) Relax and Continue

Relax. Take a deep breath. Practice good stress relief coping skills and carry on with your goal.


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