Volunteering for the Greater Good

by Raihan Elgihani

As a Bellbrook High School student, one graduation requirement is volunteer hours. An exceptional way to earn hours would be joining clubs at our school such as Partnerships For Success (PFS). PFS is a community service group which aids individuals in our community. The group has accomplished many things over the years of its existence. For instance, group members have done shopping for Christmas Kindness, cooking for the homeless, collecting items for homeless shelter St. Vincent de Paul, visiting patients at Dayton Children’s, and much more.

The Christmas Kindness shopping is when PFS members get together to shop for Christmas gifts for families in the area. It is quite the heartwarming experience, especially knowing that we would bring smiles to these families’ faces. Experiences such as this one make us wonder about the others in the world and how thankful we should be.

Another lovely event PFS hosts is the Christmas in the Park event, which took place December 8. Santa and his elves came to visit as well and helped host a night filled with joy and cheer. There were crafts, snacks, drinks, and most of all holiday delight.

Cooking for the homeless is when students stay after school to cook for the homeless shelter in Xenia. Bellbrook High School is the only school in Greene County that provides these families and individuals with warm cooked meals. They send a letter of appreciation after each visit which truly leaves an emotional impact.

Bellbrook High School is proud to accommodate many volunteer opportunities that you may partake in.  Not only for the volunteer hours, but for helping those around you. Seeing that you as an individual may create such an immense impact within your community is uplifting. It is never too late to join. Just come to the next meeting in the library and speak to Mrs. Sumner or the President Raihan Elgihani or Vice President Lance Weston. Listen to the announcements for further info about meetings.


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