What to Give the Person Who Has Everything for Christmas

By: Emily Bevelhymer

The holidays are a time to buy gifts for friends and family but the same gifts are recycled every year. Gifts are a way to show our appreciation of our loved ones. Putting thought into finding the perfect gift can be time-consuming so here are some ideas to get you away from the traditional gift card or cash.

  1. Give the gift of *your* favorite book – Once the recipient reads the book your can plan to get together and discuss your favorite parts
  2. Shower them with chocolate and baked goods – Nothing is better than local eats so instead of picking up a last-minute treat from the store, head out to a local shop and pick up a homemade treat.
  3. Find them a scratch-off poster – Uncommon Goods makes scratch-off posters for books, movies, and places so every time the recipient watches, reads, or visits they can scratch off another box.
  4. Share a framed favorite picture – Rather than scouring the shelves at the stores, find a great photo and add a frame to create a thoughtful gift that will be displayed for years to come
  5. Give the gift of a lovely experience – People will receive many physical gifts, so give them an experience they will remember instead. You could pay for them to attend an art class, concert, or plan a memorable day trip.

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